Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus Free Download

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By admin, 4:25 am

It’s been about three years since Microsoft unveiled a new version of Office, and particularly with Windows 8 just months away from dropping, the software has been well overdue for an upgrade. Today, Redmond unveiled the latest edition — Office 2013 (aka Office 15) — which the company will be showing in a preview stage until the final version goes on sale (hit up the source link if you want to download it for yourself).

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus Free Download And Get the Product KEY: Read more »

Microsoft Office 2013 beta will be coming next week

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By admin, 10:48 am

Earlier this month, Microsoft showed a rare live public demo of the Windows RT version of Office 2013 at its TechEd conference in Orlando. Unlike Windows 8, which has now seen three pre-release versions available for the public to download and use, it has yet to offer any public pre-release versions of Office 2013 (it has released what it called a “Technical Preview” of Office 2013 to select developers and partners in January).

Today, the Dutch-based website claims, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft has completed the first public beta build of Office 2013 Read more »

Windows 8 Release Preview Download and Product KEY

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By admin, 1:48 am

Windows 8 Release Preview ISO files (.iso) are provided as an alternative to using Windows 8 Release Preview Setup. If you are on a PC running Windows and want to install the release preview on another partition, another PC, or a virtual machine, we recommend you download Windows 8 Release Preview Setup and use the built-in tools for converting an ISO image into installation media, such as a DVD or USB bootable flash drive.

Note before you download: Windows 8 Release Preview is prerelease software that may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, Read more »

Microsoft releases fixed Office 2011 SP2 update

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By admin, 8:56 am

Microsoft has released a fixed version of its Service Pack 2 update for Office 2011. The update was originally on April 12 and offered a number of improvements for Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client; however, soon after its release a number of people found that the update had caused corruption in their identity databases. This resulted in the suite’s programs not opening correctly.

Microsoft initially addressed this problem by issuing instructions that users could follow to prepare their identities for the upgrade, or restore their identities if they had been corrupted after the upgrade; however, these did not help all people affected by the bug, and Microsoft subsequently removed this update from its AutoUpdate servers. Read more »

Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8 just $14.99

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By admin, 8:52 am

Microsoft’s usual plan is to offer a free upgrade to users of older versions of Windows to bump up to the next release version. This time around there will be a cost, according to sources.

Those who shell out for a Windows 7 PC in the coming months will receive a discounted upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99, according to sources speaking to Paul Thurrott.

The deal could start as early as the first week in June at around the same time as the company gears up for its final preview of the next version of Windows. Read more »

How to Find Microsoft Office 2021 product key

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By admin, 2:30 pm

To determine which license terms apply to you check the license designation printed either on your Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key, near the product name on your Certificate of Authenticity, or on the download page if you obtained your Product Key online.

  • If your designation is FPP, then the retail license terms included with your software apply to you.
  • If your designation is OEM, then the OEM license terms included with your software apply to you.
  • If you purchased a Product Key Card, then the Product Key Card terms included with your software apply to you.

Below are examples and information to help you find your license designation; the license designations contained in the below examples are for guidance purposes only. Read more »

Wellcome to Microsoft Office 15 video

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By admin, 10:53 am

A new video leaked to the internet today appears to reveal that Microsoft is preparing a cloud-centric version of Microsoft Office. Dubbed Office 15, the software is currently available to a select amount of testers outside Redmond’s walls, with a public beta promised for summer time. The video, made available by Rafael Rivera, appears to be a marketing video promising that Office will go “wherever you go” thanks to a centralized Office sign-in process that keeps documents online in the cloud. “That way they travel with you to all your devices,” says the promotional video — a clear selling point of the next version of Office.

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Microsoft: Morgan Stanley Ups Target to $37 on Office 15 Promise

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By admin, 5:13 am

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Holt this morning raised his price target shares of Microsoft  to $37 from $33, writing that the stock, trading at just 11 times the next twelve months’ projected earnings, is failing to reflect prospects for the next version of Office, version 15, which will likely be available not just on Intel  processors but also for versions of Microsoft’s operating system running on chips based on ARM Holdings‘s  architecture.

That could give Microsoft a big boost in tablet computers and other mobile devices running the forthcoming Windows 8, versus Apple‘s  iPad, thinks Holt, as Office 15 is not likely to show up on the iPad, at least not initially. Read more »

New iPad Vs. Windows 8 Tablets: 8 Considerations

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By admin, 5:11 am

Apple shipped its new iPad on March 16. Predictably, it was a smash hit, as the company said it sold more than 3 million of the devices during the first weekend. Microsoft, meanwhile, is planning its first serious entry into the media tablet market this fall when it will introduce Windows on Arm (WoA) tablets. The question for those who have yet to jump on the Apple bandwagon is whether to opt for the new iPad now, or to wait until Windows 8 tablets are available, most likely starting in October.

A feature-by-feature comparison of the two platforms is tricky, given that new iPad is a real, shipping product, while WoA systems have yet to arrive. (We’ve left the more conventional, Intel-based Windows 8 tablets out of the equation to keep things, er, apples to Apples.) The performance of Windows 8 tablets will depend greatly on how hardware makers like Nokia, Lenovo, Asus, and others, implement Microsoft’s specifications. Read more »

Windows 8 Tablets: Just as Crisp as the iPad’s Retina?

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By admin, 4:57 am
Windows 8 specs include displays that are even sharper than Apple’s fabled Retina display, which Apple claims is as clear as the human eye is capable of seeing.

Microsoft’s newest operating system supports a 10.1-inch tablet screen with 291 pixels per inch resolution, the company says in its Building Windows 8 blog. That compares to the new iPad with 265 ppi.

Depends on Hardware Partners

But because Microsoft doesn’t build its own hardware, it doesn’t demand that tablet screens or any other screen meet a single requirement as Apple can with the New  iPad. Read more »

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